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Cyrex's industry-leading White Box Penetration Test technology secured this Unreal Engine-powered game, ensuring a safe and exhilarating gaming experience. Discover the comprehensive security measures undertaken and the results achieved in collaboration with Improbable.

Scavengers, a captivating game developed by Improbable Worlds Limited and Midwinter Entertainment, immerses players into an exhilarating and strategic survival battleground. This free-to-play action shooter provides an extraordinary gaming experience by combining sandbox-style PVE elements with class-based PVP gameplay. Players have the freedom to choose from a diverse roster of adaptable Explorers, equip themselves with a unique blend of abilities and weapons, and face the daunting challenges of a hostile wasteland.


At Cyrex, we were entrusted by Improbable to contribute our expertise in securing this remarkable title for both PC and Console platforms. Leveraging our cutting-edge White Box Penetration Test technology, we embarked on the mission to safeguard this Unreal Engine-powered game. Our comprehensive White Box package, a key component of our client security suite, offers an unparalleled solution that encompasses meticulous source code review, detailed documentation, and robust quality assurance. The project encompassed securing live services and gaming services, specifically tailored to Unreal Engine Networking.

Securing Scavengers

Our team worked diligently on fortifying several core features of the game, ensuring their resilience against potential security flaws and exploits. These features included physics and shooting mechanics, matchmaking capabilities, the tier and class system, the in-game shop, VOIP and chat functionality, player management, and the inventory system. By thoroughly analyzing and addressing vulnerabilities, we provided the Improbable team with invaluable insights and recommendations, enabling them to strengthen the game’s security before its launch.


The Improbable team was overjoyed with the exceptional results achieved through our comprehensive White Box approach. Our thorough testing and assessment helped identify and mitigate potential security risks, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience for players. It was a true pleasure collaborating with the Improbable team, and we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to work together.


“Cyrex have been consistently great security testing partners for us across a number of complex projects. Improbable often asks Cyrex to test brand new technology, posing a real challenge to testers to get up to speed with our cutting edge software, let alone find vulenrabilites within it. And yet we are consistently impressed by the quality of work we see. Cyrex Enterprise keeps us one step ahead of our attackers.”

The Improbable Team

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