Web3 Security

The next generation of web needs future-proof security solutions

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Web3 ushers in a new era of different application architectures, and with our years of expertise in application security, we have the innovative and essential solutions to keep your project safe and secure.

With years of experience in application architecture and numerous successful projects, Cyrex offers innovative and essential security solutions for your project.


In the Web 3.0 and blockchain space, security is a critical concern. Unlike Web 2.0, the blockchain does not rely on trusted intermediaries to secure transactions and user data. Users retain control over their identities and assets, but this also means that there are no intermediaries to offer assistance in the event of attacks or severe compromises. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your dApp is secure from the outset.

Over the years, Cyrex has worked on a wide range of blockchain-based applications such as marketplaces, galleries, wallets, staking platforms, NFT’s in gaming, bridge implementations, and smart contracts.

We have been lucky to help clients such as Mythical Games, Immutable, Syscoin, Pollum and Jigstack to name but a few, develop, secure and scale their Web3 solutions.

Importance of security for Web3

Blockchain Security

The move from centralized to decentralized applications and technology brings about the need for new security standards to ensure your products safety.

Cyrex’s mission is to provide secure, reliable and stable frameworks for your go to market products.

Smart Contract Security

Smart contracts are a key component to how modern enterprises are adopting blockchain technologies and need to be safeguarded because of how they work and how frequently they are used with blockchain.

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Wallet & Asset Security

Web3 is being categorized by the empowered transparency and ownership of an individual’s digital assets, from NFT’s to Cryptocurrencies.

However wallets have already been breached and the immediate execution nature of blockchain transactions leaves transfers vulnerable to malicious attackers should the value data be corrupted.

This can be extremely hazardous to your product and brand’s reputation.

Ensure your decentralized product is secure for Web3

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Our workflow

Step 1

Technical Overview

The Cyrex security experts work with your decentralized systems and processes to discover all potential security vulnerabilities and injection points.

They will establish the scope of your project here by examining its architecture, programming languages, and functionality. Once identified and a workflow is prepared, we can get to work.

Step 2

Reporting & Regression Testing

After the entire testing cycle is complete, we offer thorough, frank findings on all smart contract vulnerabilities, from minor coding flaws to significant exploitation points.


Each report will include:

  • Detailed risks and vulnerabilities, as well as their potential consequences.
  • A proof of concept for reproducibility.
  • Our team will provide best-practice solutions to address these issues and flaws with your smart contracts.
Step 3

Penetration Testing & Reviews

Our auditor team will perform a series of targeted tests as well as review the base code for vulnerabilities or potential security risks to your business.

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