Spike Testing

Spike Testing

Ensure your product can handle anything - spike test to succeed!

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Spike tests, unlike stress testing, involves a very limited timeframe. A spike test entails literally spiking a system with a large number of users to see how your system handles high user increases in a short timeframe. These events are usually launches or events, such as NFT drops. Your system might be capable of handling 20,000 simultaneous users, but can it handle 5,000 of them logging on all at once? A peak test is all about discovering the short-term, quick limits of your system. We can test half-a-million users in a stress test, but 50,000 users in sixty seconds is just as intensive.


Spike testing is important for several industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, and gaming. While your platform might not have a consistent user time which peak testing covers, spikes in users are common for almost any platform or system. The benefit of spike testing is understanding where your system struggles with sudden bursts of large numbers of users and how that number affects its performance.

Our Load Testing solution provides a comprehensive analysis application’s performance under pressure. Utilising Cyrex load testing means you will understand exactly where your system struggles or fails, such as: insufficient amount of RAM or CPU allocated on your cloud infrastructure, scalability issues with workers or VMs, or insufficient capacity for concurrent IO operations.

With these insights, our team at Cyrex can help you optimise your application’s performance, ensuring that it can handle high traffic and deliver the best user experience.

Ensure your business can handle anything - spike test to succeed!

Spike Testing


Spike testing is crucial for e-commerce businesses, especially during seasonal sales or promotional events. By subjecting their online platforms to simulated spikes in user traffic, businesses can identify performance bottlenecks, optimize server capacity, and ensure seamless shopping experiences even during peak demand, preventing crashes or slowdowns that can lead to revenue loss.

Spike Testing

Banking & Finance

Spike testing plays a vital role in the banking and finance sector, where sudden surges in user activity can occur during specific events like product launches, tax seasons, or market volatility. By conducting spike testing, financial institutions can verify the responsiveness and stability of their online banking systems, ensure uninterrupted transactions, and mitigate the risk of system failures during peak usage periods.

Spike Testing

Media and Entertainment

Streaming platforms, online gaming companies, and media outlets heavily rely on spike testing to handle the surge in user traffic during popular events, such as the release of a highly anticipated movie, a live sports match, or a major gaming tournament. By conducting spike testing, these businesses can optimize their infrastructure, ensure smooth content delivery, and maintain an exceptional user experience even when millions of users are simultaneously accessing their platforms.

Spike Testing


Spike testing is crucial for healthcare organizations that offer online telehealth services, appointment scheduling platforms, or electronic health record systems. During critical periods such as a pandemic outbreak or a surge in patient inquiries, spike testing helps healthcare providers ensure their digital systems can handle a sudden increase in user demand, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to medical services, timely appointments, and secure data management for improved patient care.

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