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Regardless of programming language, framework, or architecture, our teams have the in-house expertise to provide creative solutions for complex security issues. Experts in Financial, Healthcare and web3 big and small companies.

We provide penetration testing and cybersecurity solutions aimed at establishing a secure online environment for your business. Insufficient security measures can expose your organization to cyberattacks that can result in financial loss and damage to your reputation, which could be difficult to recover from without significant investment of resources and time.


Our team of cybersecurity professionals has a wealth of experience in identifying and reporting potential security threats and vulnerabilities in various applications. Leveraging their extensive knowledge and expertise in the cybersecurity field, they are equipped to thoroughly evaluate and enhance your systems’ security to protect against emerging threats.

Our workflow

Passive Phase


At this stage, we familiarize ourselves with your software or application. Our teams assess the extent of your project by analyzing the target system’s architecture, programming languages, functionalities, and other relevant factors.

Active Phase

Target Penetration

This phase is where the real excitement begins. We conduct an extensive and manual penetration test of the target system, building on the information we gathered during reconnaissance and our previous findings. Interestingly, this step can constitute up to 80% of the overall penetration testing cycle.


Debrief & Next Steps

Upon completion of the full testing cycle, we deliver comprehensive reports on all system vulnerabilities, ranging from minor insertion points to significant security concerns. Our reports leave no stone unturned and provide practical solutions that align with your workflows and processes. Additionally, we outline the potential risks associated with each identified issue and how malicious agents could leverage them.

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