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Safeguard your business and enforce your network infrastructure's security controls through our comprehensive network audits.

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The ongoing success of your business is heavily reliant on a secure, optimized, and efficient IT infrastructure

Properly executed network audits ensure your system is performing as you need it. The process of conducting network audits ensure your system is assessed and evaluated in the view of security, performance, and network integrity. This comprehensive and thorough process will ensure your infrastructure, configurations, protocols, and security are free from vulnerabilities and potential breach points. Growing success for a company can lead to the extensive scaling up of your internal network and company assets. If left unchecked or properly audited this can lead to long term issues surrounding availability, confidentiality and integrity.


Likewise, the global shift for many brands adopting remote or hybrid working policies places a greater need to secure your network connections and data from vulnerabilities and malicious agents. Think of Cyrex network audits as a health check for your internal and external facing business’s infrastructure.


Our workflow

Step 1

Technical Overview

The Cyrex security experts work with your decentralized systems and processes to discover all potential security vulnerabilities and injection points.

They will establish the scope of your project here by examining its architecture, programming languages, and functionality. Once identified and a workflow is prepared, we can get to work.

Step 2

Reporting & Regression Testing

After the entire testing cycle is complete, we offer thorough, frank findings on all smart contract vulnerabilities, from minor coding flaws to significant exploitation points.


Each report will include:

  • Detailed risks and vulnerabilities, as well as their potential consequences.
  • A proof of concept for reproducibility.
  • Our team will provide best-practice solutions to address these issues and flaws with your smart contracts.
Step 3

Penetration Testing & Reviews

Our auditor team will perform a series of targeted tests as well as review the base code for vulnerabilities or potential security risks to your business.

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What they say about Cyrex

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Working with Cyrex was an awesome experience all around. They also ended up being crucial for the security and performance of our platform, so I can easily say Jigstack is satisfied with the work delivered and we’re keen to working once again with such a talented team.

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Cyrex Enterprise is fitted for the job, efficency, thoroughness, and an ability to quikly understand the scope of the security exercise are their assets. An optimal collaboration.

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“It was a pleasure working with Cyrex to secure and scale the game. Cyrex earned and retained our trust through their domain expertise and high quality deliverables which were on time and on quality.”


More reasons to work with us

We have vast experience developing software and applications for a diverse range of clients worldwide.

This behind-the-scenes knowledge offers us a great awareness of how your application may be vulnerable to security breaches, allowing us to eliminate and repair them from the start.

Our extensive reporting ensures transparency as we work with you to secure your application.

We provide pseudo-code, proof of concept, and risk analysis for prompt, complete fixes during our penetration tests.

We always have at least two security engineers working on your project.

This technique allows us to deliver significantly higher-quality results in half the time. This has helped our clients with budgeting and optimization.

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