Smart Contract Audits

Protect your assets, data and reputation with our Smart contract audits.

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Smart contracts are becoming part of everyday life for businesses immersing themselves in the Web3 ecosystem

Smart contracts are digital contracts between parties stored on a blockchain, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. They automate workflows and speed up processes while ensuring execution only after predetermined requirements are met.


Since smart contracts execute instantaneously, validating and securing them from malicious agents is crucial. Uploading them onto a blockchain without a proper audit can create permanent vulnerabilities that threaten your business.

Our workflow

Step 1

Technical Overview

The Cyrex security experts work with your decentralized systems and processes to discover all potential security vulnerabilities and injection points.

They will establish the scope of your project here by examining its architecture, programming languages, and functionality. Once identified and a workflow is prepared, we can get to work.

Step 2

Reporting & Regression Testing

After the entire testing cycle is complete, we offer thorough, frank findings on all smart contract vulnerabilities, from minor coding flaws to significant exploitation points.


Each report will include:

  • Detailed risks and vulnerabilities, as well as their potential consequences.
  • A proof of concept for reproducibility.
  • Our team will provide best-practice solutions to address these issues and flaws with your smart contracts.
Step 3

Penetration Testing & Reviews

Our auditor team will perform a series of targeted tests as well as review the base code for vulnerabilities or potential security risks to your business.

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