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Technology, Innovation
and Culture

These are the core values of Cloudoki.

With over 10 years experience we are the benchmark in API & Decentralised App development.


Our passion is application architecture, based on new and open source technologies.

We work integrated in existing teams, to transform projects towards the future, and enable new teams to grow highly scalable and secure projects, long-term vision included.


Since 2021 we have become part of the award-winning cybersecurity group Cyrex. This relationship has further elevated us to the forefront of software, game and technological development as we collaborate with a global network of experts.

Our team has assisted countless SaaS brands with product maturity globally.
We have helped make them more powerful, enhanced their security, provided crucial updates and helped them launch to market.

Just some of our amazing Clients and Partners

We have been lucky to help clients such as Pali Wallet, Ox Block and Jigstack to name but a few, develop, secure and scale their Web3 applications.

Check out their case studies and let’s book a call to discuss your smart contract needs.

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