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SaaS Development

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, seamless integrations have transformed from a luxury to an absolute necessity.

Take your business to new heights with Cyrex SaaS development and integration services. In the fast-paced world we live in, products have evolved to meet the ever-growing demands of consumers, resulting in increased complexity. Now, integrations have become an imperative for any business aspiring to maintain a competitive edge. At Cyrex, we grasp the significance of integrations and excel in delivering transformative SaaS development and integration services.


Irrespective of the nature of your product, integrations play a pivotal role in introducing new functionalities and enhancing the user experience. Whether it involves integrating a payment system, connecting with an authentication provider, or utilizing a navigation service, these integrations are vital in crafting a seamless and unified user experience.


With our extensive expertise in developing and integrating SaaS solutions, Cyrex empowers businesses to streamline their operations and stay ahead of the curve. Our adept team can help your business harness the potential of integrations to elevate your product offering and deliver an unparalleled experience to your customers.

Empowering Enterprise Growth through Agile SaaS Development Solutions

Cyrex seamlessly merges the dynamic and fast-paced world of start-up SaaS technology with expert guidance and practical solutions tailored for enterprise customers. Our specialized expertise in SaaS development enables us to efficiently and expeditiously assist architecture and innovation teams in achieving a successful API-centric digital transformation.


As a leading provider of SaaS development services, we offer comprehensive solutions across various domains, including SaaS application architecture, scalable infrastructure design, seamless integrations, and secure data management. Our collaborative approach ensures that your enterprise leverages the full potential of SaaS technologies, enhancing operational efficiency, driving innovation, and gaining a competitive edge.


At Cyrex, we take pride in our diverse customer portfolio, ranging from ambitious start-ups in the banking sector to pioneering space tech exploration enterprises. By partnering with us, your enterprise can benefit from our deep knowledge of SaaS development methodologies, cutting-edge technology stack, and an unwavering commitment to delivering tangible business outcomes.


Unlock unparalleled growth opportunities for your enterprise through our agile SaaS development solutions. Trust Cyrex to guide you on a transformative journey that aligns your business goals with the limitless possibilities of SaaS development.

Our Workflow

Step 1


Each API project has very different needs, that’s why all of our projects kick-off in the same way – Getting to know you.

It’s crucial that we always work side-by-side and understand your needs and aspirations for the proposed product. We will explore your business goals, bottlenecks and long-term vision for the development.

Once we have a handle on your product’s expectations and your API’s capabilities our team will research the best way to tackle it. To achieve this we go through a very detailed audit step where we ecosystem.

Step 2

Ecosystem Audit

We create what we call an ‘API lifecycle guide’ by auditing the complete ecosystem based on industry’s best practices. This guide will serve as a resource for your API business and development team for the duration of its existence.

Step 3


Once the authentication model is implemented and the API contracts are validated and ready for public use, we carry out a penetration test to check for security vulnerabilities.

Our regression testing team then provides solutions and patches for any raised issues. With all the fixes in place they will provide security certification to give your shareholders product peace of mind.

Step 4

Handover & Support

Once we’ve completely dismantled all the needs and vulnerabilities of your product we do what we do best: create a scalable, future-proof API architecture, complete with an implementation roadmap so you can see what’s to come.

Although we always have full trust on the solutions we deliver, nothing stays bullet proof forever, specially in tech. This is why we are very committed to providing long term support for our client’s products, with an adaptive scaling strategy tailored to best serve them.

Providing Benchmark Solutions for:

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“Cyrex thought alongside us also from a business perspective which made sure we were developing the things that matter in correct way. Their flexibility and technical support was much appreciated!”

Bolt Energie

Rens Van Haute, Co-Founder & COO at Bolt Energie

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“By combining Cyrex Enterprises expert knowledge on marketplaces and our expertise in earth observation, Cyrex assisted us in tackling some of our biggest architecture challenges, which resulted in extending our online service offering with extra features.”

VITO Remote Sensing / Terrascope

Bram Janssen, PO at VITO Remote Sensing

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“They are extremely knowledgeable, capable, and very flexible; partnering with us and adjusting processes and communication to suit our needs. We are very much looking forward to an ongoing relationship between our teams.”

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“The Cyrex team helped us set up an API Sandbox environment. Everything was delivered accordingly and with the necessary training to continue the development ourselves. Their professional team subsequently advised us how to implement Open Banking Capabilities in our environment in the best way possible.”

BNP Paribas Fortis

Jan Van Cle, Epic Owner at BNP Paribas Fortis

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