Peak Testing

Peak Testing

Prepare your business for high traffic spikes with peak testing services from Cyrex.

Identify the breaking point of your business before it's too late - peak test with us to ensure optimal performance!

This test increases the user volume to the expected or established traffic at its busiest time. For accountancy platforms, this is typically at the end of the month. For gaming, the hours after 5 P.M. This tests the quick increase of users above the usual count and then a slow lowering back to standard. It is a great way to discover how your system handles a wave of users that rises and falls gradually. Scalability is key in both directions, ensuring your system scales down is just as important as scaling up!


This form of scalability testing is most commonly seen in fintech and accountancy platforms. Peak testing is ideal for any industry which might see bursts of traffic at specific times, multiplayer games and any platforms utilised en-masse by users consistently at the same recurring time.

Our Load Testing solution provides a comprehensive analysis application’s performance under pressure. Utilising Cyrex load testing means you will understand exactly where your system struggles or fails, such as: insufficient amount of RAM or CPU allocated on your cloud infrastructure, scalability issues with workers or VMs, or insufficient capacity for concurrent IO operations.


With these insights, our team at Cyrex can help you optimise your application’s performance, ensuring that it can handle high traffic and deliver the best user experience.

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