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Load Testing

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Our load testing services will ensure you know exactly what your product can take when traffic gets heavy

Load testing is crucial for ensuring the continuous operation of your application. At Cyrex, we offer load testing services that can simulate any number of users to determine how much your system can support before struggling or failing. Our headless solution is not limited by hardware constraints, allowing us to put as much traffic as needed to test both the load and simulated user behavior of your application across various devices and platforms.


Whether you’re anticipating hundreds, thousands, or even millions of connections, our service can simulate the entire user connection and interaction process. With our load testing services, you can ensure your application can handle the traffic it needs to serve your customers with ease and reliability.

Load Testing

Applications and Web

Load testing is a crucial step in ensuring the success of any public-facing product. Failure to conduct thorough load testing before launching a service can lead to negative impacts on revenue, reputation, and user experience if the solution cannot handle high levels of traffic.

Load Testing


With the rise of Web3 and related technologies and digital assets it is crucial to ensure product stability and scalability with load testing. Exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) drops, ever changing crypto markets or sudden global buzz on the latest DApp can lead to enormous pressure on your Web3 products – You must ensure they are up to the task of handling the traffic.

Our headless technology simulates user behavior on a large scale (>500K CCU) by integrating with your products API, sockets and/or networking libraries.

Our Load Testing solution provides a comprehensive analysis of your cloud infrastructure and application’s performance. Here are some examples of the findings you can expect to receive:


  • Insufficient amount of RAM or CPU allocated on your cloud infrastructure.
  • Scalability issues with workers or VMs.
  • Issues with non-performant functionality.
  • Undesired rate limiting due to bad configuration.
  • Insufficient capacity for concurrent IO operations.


With these insights, our team at Cyrex can help you optimize your application’s performance, ensuring that it can handle high traffic and deliver the best user experience.

How our headless solution works

Step 1


Using these scripts, we test how the system handles high volumes of users operating as users would. As opposed to typical load testing, which is similar to a DDOS, we don’t just flood packets into the system.

Step 2


We simulate each user journey fully; from connection and authentication to interaction with your product. This process occurs entirely on the network level, connecting directly with the API or network protocol (UDP/TCP).

Step 3


When doing these tests, we are not limited to only the numbers that became a struggle for the system. We will have the ability to hone in on precisely which functionality began to struggle and offer specific solutions to counteract its effect.

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