Soak Testing

Soak Testing

Building Endurance, Ensuring Excellence: Cyrex Enterprises Soak Testing Service.

Unleash Endurance, Unlock Reliability: Cyrex Soak Testing Service.

Soaking your system is the longest of the load testing options. It’s typically a 12-24 hour duration at a fixed user load. Usually somewhere above average for your user count and then tested for stability over this period. This is key for applications that conduct regular backups, like game leaderboards. Ensuring these processes that occur frequently don’t cause any issues in the application’s usual operation. A soak test is great for catching memory leaks or capped caches with fixed purging rules, such as only purging at the end of a session rather than when it is full.


For those in telecommunications, healthcare, or the energy industry, soak testing is the best way to discover how your system operates over long periods. In something as simple as gaming or something as integral as healthcare patient monitoring, it’s important that your system does not degrade or falter over long periods of operation. A proper soak test will show where errors occur and, with Cyrex’s expert team, how to address them.

Our Load Testing solution provides a comprehensive analysis application’s performance under pressure. Utilising Cyrex load testing means you will understand exactly where your system struggles or fails, such as: insufficient amount of RAM or CPU allocated on your cloud infrastructure, scalability issues with workers or VMs, or insufficient capacity for concurrent IO operations.

With these insights, our team at Cyrex can help you optimize your application’s performance, ensuring that it can handle high traffic and deliver the best user experience.

Load testing is all about ensuring your system operates efficiently and without fault when users spike or surge. Whether discovering your limit with stress testing or ensuring your system is scalable, utilising Cyrex’s headless technology will allow you to understand exactly where your application struggles and how you can fix that problem.

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