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We live in a connected ecosystem and product development is no different. As products get more and more complex to answer the world’s increasingly demanding needs, API integrations are quickly shifting from an option to a necessity.

Any product these days resorts to integrations, in one way or another, as a way to add functionalities to it. Being connected to a payment system, an authentication provider or just by using a navigation service, means our applications are part of a much bigger seamlessly integrated picture.

Cyrex merges the exciting, fast-paced technology exploration of start-ups and SaaS into sound and straightforward advice and solutions for its enterprise customers. We accomplish this most efficiently and quickly by assisting architecture and innovation teams in an API-centric digital transformation that works. Our varied customer portfolio of API integrations and more ranges from start-up enterprises in the banking sector to space tech exploration.

How do we stand out in delivering API Integrations?

We pride ourselves on more than a decade of experience in researching and designing blueprints and architectures, for any application.

You benefit from that gathered experience in developing leading class software solutions and the technical, scalability and security challenges we have solved for brands throughout the world. We live, think, and breath API-centric architectures, focusing on flexibility and internal or external integrations. Whatever it is you require, our expert team can and will build to your bespoke specifications.

We will tackle your API integration project in 3 key ways:

Step 1


Each API integration project has very different needs, that’s why all of our projects kick-off in the same way. We get to know you. It’s crucial in a successful project that we know and understand your workflow and project plan. For that, we always work side-by-side to understand your needs and aspirations for the proposed product. We will explore your business goals, bottlenecks, and long-term vision for the development. 

Once we have a handle on your product’s expectations and your API’s capabilities, our team will research the best way to tackle it.

Step 2

Ecosystem Audit

We create what we call an ‘API lifecycle guide’ by auditing the complete ecosystem based on industry’s best practices. This guide will be the handbook by which we live by for the duration of our project. It will serve as a resource for your API business and development team for the duration of its existence.

Step 3


Once the authentication model is implemented and the API contracts are validated and ready for public use, we carry out a penetration test to check for security vulnerabilities. Our regression testing team then provides solutions and patches for any raised issues. With all the fixes in place they will provide security certification to give your shareholders product peace of mind.

Step 4

Handover & Support

Once we’ve completely dismantled all the needs and vulnerabilities of your product we do what we do best: Create a scalable, future-proof API architecture, complete with an implementation roadmap so you can see what’s to come.

Although we always have full trust on the solutions we deliver, nothing stays bullet proof forever, specially in tech. This is why we are very committed to providing long term support for our client’s products, with an adaptive scaling strategy tailored to best serve them.

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