Meet Roger

To help Meet Roger achieve its goal, Cyrex conducted a thorough evaluation of both the online and mobile application security.

In today’s world, remote and hybrid working models have become the new normal in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This shift has given rise to a plethora of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and solutions designed to help employees transition to this new way of working. One such company, Meet Roger, approached Cyrex with a specific request – to find the best benchmark security solutions for its main product. Meet Roger is a platform that simplifies, targets, and measures employee communication. With an average of eight or more different internal communication channels used by most companies, Meet Roger helps to bring that number down and provide teams with a unified and streamlined solution.


To help Meet Roger achieve its goal, Cyrex conducted a thorough evaluation of both the online and mobile applications as part of its Grey Box penetration testing program.


One of the key vulnerabilities identified was the introduction of push notifications, which required special attention. Our team tested a variety of functionalities, including authentication and session management, information disclosure, access control flaws, denial-of-service protection, and business logic flaws. Upon completion of the testing, our team presented a comprehensive and straightforward report of our findings, as is standard practice. Meet Roger evaluated some of the vulnerabilities found as critical, and our team conducted further sanity and regression testing after applying patches in accordance with best security practices to ensure that the vulnerabilities were closed.


This process helped Meet Roger to demonstrate to its clients that its security system had reached a high standard of protection. We were delighted to recieve the recommendation also below:

“We urgently needed penetration, regression, and sanity test reports to prove our breach protocol, professionalism, and system security to one of our biggest customers. The agile and efficient work done by Cyrex was a perfect fit for our team.”

Meet Roger team

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