Beauty Pie

Discover how Beauty Pie, a disruptive force in the beauty industry, partnered with Cyrex, to fortify its e-commerce platform.

Beauty Pie disrupts the beauty industry by offering high-quality health and beauty products directly from the world’s best laboratories to its members, without the usual industry mark-ups. As the first luxury beauty buyers’ club, Beauty Pie’s mission is to provide everyone with access to top-tier beauty products via their e-commerce platform.


Given the centrality of e-commerce to Beauty Pie’s business model, securing their online platform is critical. Financial transactions, data privacy, and payment security are paramount. Beauty Pie needed a partner to conduct thorough security testing to fortify their e-commerce infrastructure.


Cyrex, a leader in cybersecurity and penetration testing, stepped in to bolster Beauty Pie’s security measures. Leveraging their expertise and advanced methodologies, Cyrex conducted a comprehensive assessment of the platform, focusing on financial transactions, data privacy, payment gateways, and overall system integrity.


Cyrex employed a meticulous approach, analysing the platform’s security protocols, encryption standards, payment gateways, user authentication mechanisms, and data handling practices. By identifying potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses, Cyrex provided actionable insights to enhance the platform’s security posture.


Results and Testimonial

“Our collaboration with Cyrex proved to be very successful. They conducted a thorough assessment of our e-commerce security measures, providing high-quality testing and comprehensive reporting. We are certainly inclined to repeat this positive experience with them in the future.” – Beauty Pie


In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, security is paramount. Through their partnership with Cyrex, Beauty Pie has fortified its platform, ensuring the integrity and security of customer transactions and sensitive data. As Beauty Pie continues to innovate and empower individuals, Cyrex stands ready to provide ongoing support and security solutions, safeguarding their digital assets and fostering trust among their loyal members.

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