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Nova Legends

Experience the excitement of Nova Legends, a sci-fi adventure game where you lead a team of heroes into real-time battles. Cyrex partnered with Plarium to ensure a safe and secure gaming experience.

Nova Legends

Embark on an exhilarating sci-fi adventure with Nova Legends! Take charge as the commanding leader of a team of extraordinary heroes and engage in real-time battles against fellow players. Nova Legends delivers an immersive gaming experience on mobile devices, and Cyrex, in partnership with Plarium, has taken great pride in securing this thrilling title. Building upon our successful collaboration on Mech Arena and Raid: Shadow Legends, Cyrex’s mission was to ensure a safe and secure environment for players ahead of Nova Legends’ global launch.

Securing Nova Legends

Our team of dedicated security specialists recognized the paramount importance of guaranteeing game stability and safeguarding the experience for all players. Working closely with Plarium, our team provided a comprehensive range of services to enhance the game’s security. Here are the key features we focused on to ensure a secure gaming experience:


  1. Secured Class and Tier System: We implemented robust measures to prevent exploits and cheats that could disrupt game balance, ensuring fair competition for all players.
  2. In-Game Shop Security: Through meticulous testing, we identified and addressed potential security vulnerabilities in the in-game shop, ensuring the protection of players’ personal and payment details.
  3. Secure Upgrade System: We fortified the upgrade system to prevent any exploits or cheats, thus ensuring fair gameplay for all participants.
  4. Tested Reward System: Our rigorous testing procedures ensured that the reward system functioned flawlessly, eliminating any potential for unfair advantages among players.
  5. Comprehensive Mission System Testing: Extensive testing was conducted on the mission system to guarantee both security and smooth progression through the game’s captivating storyline.
  6. Quest and Progression System Security: We fortified the quest and progression systems, ensuring that no exploits or cheats existed that could unfairly benefit players.


We are thrilled to report that the Plarium team expressed immense satisfaction with our work on Nova Legends. Our thorough penetration testing revealed several potential security flaws and exploits, all of which were promptly addressed and secured with the utmost priority. Additionally, we provided valuable guidance to the team on addressing other potential vulnerabilities prior to launch. Plarium’s enthusiastic response to our results stands as a testament to the value of our industry-leading grey box penetration testing service.


Our partnership with Plarium has been highly rewarding, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with them and other esteemed game development companies on future innovative projects. At Cyrex, we remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of security best practices, helping our clients protect both their players and their hard-earned reputations.


“Cyrex Enterprise has proven to be a deeply specialised security firm that is incredibly experienced in the gaming industry. They worked on a wide range of different assets, from multiplayer games to launchers and platforms, and consistently delivered excellent results exceeding industry standards. We’re looking forward to more fruitful collaborations.” 

Plarium Team

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