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June 08, 2023

Conversations with Ramta Hermez: Being an intern with Cloudoki

In this candid conversation our intern, Ramta shares her experiences and sheds light on th...

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May 22, 2023

From Vision to Reality: Agile Product Development with Scrum in the SaaS Landscape

Discover the power of Agile and Scrum for SaaS product development!...

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January 19, 2023

Our Three Ways To Tackle Any Project

Discover how Cyrex tackles projects with cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment...

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February 02, 2022

Leadership in the XXI Century

*Part 2 continued from our previous article. Modern leadership is based on the principles ...

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October 18, 2021

Agile or Lean: Deliver Faster

Project Management is a standard role in the IT World. For years there have been multiple ...

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January 08, 2020

Responding to change – Agile during Pandemic times

It’s been strange times outside with the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been challenged ...

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