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Conversations with Ramta Hermez: Being an intern with Cloudoki

In this candid conversation our intern, Ramta shares her experiences and sheds light on the unique work culture that sets Cloudoki apart from other companies.

Internships play a pivotal role in shaping young professionals’ careers, offering invaluable experiences and opportunities for growth. Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Ramta Hermez, an exceptional intern who embarked on a transformative journey here at Cloudoki. In this candid conversation, Ramta shares her experiences and sheds light on the unique work culture that sets Cloudoki apart from other companies.

Ramta, let’s start this off with how would you describe the work culture at Cloudoki? Is there anything unique or different about it compared to other companies you’ve interned at?

“Oh, the work culture at Cloudoki is absolutely amazing! It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced in my previous internships. From day one, they made me feel incredibly welcome and included. It’s a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone genuinely cares about each other’s growth. Throughout my entire time at Cloudoki, they went out of their way to make me feel like a valued member of the team, not just an intern. This supportive vibe made my experience truly exceptional and made me feel like I belonged, which is something I haven’t felt in other workplaces.”

We absolutely love to hear it! What initially attracted you to apply for an internship at Cloudoki? Was there something specific about the company’s culture or values that stood out to you?

“Well, I had a list of companies I was considering, but when I stumbled upon Cloudoki’s website and read a blog post about another intern’s experience, I knew I had found the perfect place for me. The intern’s story showcased how Cloudoki genuinely invests in their interns, taking the time and effort to teach and help them grow. That resonated with me deeply, and I wanted to be a part of a company that prioritises personal and professional development. So, I reached out to the manager, and scheduled a meeting. Our conversation further solidified my belief that Cloudoki’s culture and values aligned perfectly with my aspirations.”

What a win getting those beliefs proven from the start! Is there an example of a particularly fun or memorable experience you’ve had while working with your team at Cloudoki?

“Absolutely! One day, my mentor and I were working on a challenging problem, and he suddenly suggested, “Hey, let’s grab the board and draw it out. It’ll make things easier!” We dove into this impromptu problem-solving session and ended up creating a humorous masterpiece on the whiteboard. It was such a fun experience, and it showed me how Cloudoki values creative thinking and fosters a collaborative atmosphere.”

Collaboration and creativity are vital in any workplace. How does Cloudoki encourage these qualities among its interns and employees?

“Cloudoki has an incredible team and work environment that cultivates collaboration and creativity. From day one, I felt comfortable sharing my ideas and solutions with my colleagues. They genuinely value everyone’s input and actively encourage collaboration. It’s a place where no idea is dismissed without consideration, and they empower interns like me to contribute to meaningful projects. This kind of open and supportive atmosphere truly allows creativity to flourish.”

Creativity certainly needs that safe space to allow the magic to happen. Now, how do you feel your internship at Cloudoki has helped you grow both personally and professionally? Are there any specific skills or lessons you’ve gained during your time here?

“My internship at Cloudoki has been an incredible journey of personal and professional growth. One of the most impactful aspects was having the opportunity to work on a project independently. In the past, I had always been part of a team, so working alone was initially daunting. However, Cloudoki’s trust in me and their support transformed me on a personal level. I gained confidence and overcame my fear of working alone. Moreover, I’ve acquired new skills and learned different problem-solving approaches, which have made me a better developer. Cloudoki has taught me the importance of looking at challenges from various perspectives and finding innovative solutions.”

Could you share a challenging project or task you’ve worked on during your internship? How did the team support you, and what was the outcome?

“One of the most challenging tasks I faced was ensuring that users couldn’t access certain pages without authentication. It required intricate coding and thorough testing. I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed, but my mentor sat down with me and we tackled the problem together. He shared his expertise and guided me through the process. It took some time, but we eventually cracked it! The outcome was precisely what we had envisioned, and everything worked flawlessly as intended. This experience not only enhanced my technical skills but also instilled in me the importance of seeking guidance when faced with challenges.”

Mentorship and guidance are invaluable in all aspects of life. What kind of mentorship or guidance do interns receive at Cloudoki?

“Cloudoki fosters a strong culture of learning and development. As an intern, I was fortunate to have an amazing mentor who had my back whenever I needed help. Whenever I encountered a challenging problem, my mentor would jump on a call to assist me and show me how to overcome it. Even though I was working independently, I never felt alone because my mentor was always there, ready to guide me. We even worked together on certain tasks, which not only enhanced my skills and knowledge but also made the experience enjoyable. Cloudoki truly cultivates a culture of continuous learning and growth.”

That’s fantastic to hear! Are there any company events or activities that you’ve participated in, which have contributed to the overall positive work environment at Cloudoki?

“Oh, definitely! On the last Friday of every month, we have this awesome tradition at the office where we gather and have lunch together. We head out to a nearby restaurant, indulge in delicious food and drinks, and spend quality time as a team. Being a part of these monthly lunches has made my time at Cloudoki even more enjoyable. It creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere that makes work feel like fun. Laughter, camaraderie, and good food truly contribute to the positive work environment.”

Lastly, Ramta, what advice would you give to future interns considering an opportunity at Cloudoki? How would you encourage them to make the most of their experience?

“To future interns considering an opportunity at Cloudoki, I would say, “You won’t believe how much you can learn in such a short time.” My advice would be to set clear goals for yourself and focus on what you want to learn during your internship. Cloudoki is a place that genuinely invests in your growth as a developer. Embrace every opportunity to learn, ask questions, and contribute your ideas. Be proactive, seek guidance when needed, and make connections with your colleagues. Cloudoki is a treasure trove of knowledge and experiences, so make the most of it and seize every opportunity to become a better developer.”

For those of you who have a thirst for knowledge and in need of a place to grow, Cloudoki could be the ideal place for your internship journey. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of a supportive and inclusive work culture, where your ideas are valued, and your growth is nurtured. Take the leap and embark on an internship experience that will propel your career forward. Apply to Cloudoki today and unlock a world of possibilities for your professional development.

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