Our Three Ways To Tackle Any Project

Discover how Cyrex tackles projects with cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment. From research to execution and ongoing support, we make your vision a reality.

Thinking of an idea to make the world a better place is a mission anyone can be most proud of, but finding the right team to implement that idea can be the difficult part. One of the main challenges in getting your project on the road is knowing what teams out there will do to bring your genius idea to fruition. To put worries at ease, we’re going to show you the three ways we tackle any project, no matter the scale.

Research & Planning

At Cyrex, we kill it by utilizing the latest technologies to solve unique and complex problems. Our team is driven by a passion for research and innovation, and tackling new challenges is the fuel for that engine. This means that we face new and complex problems on a daily basis. We love it.

To make sure we know what we are doing, and how we will do it, It’s critical to kickstart our research process, lead by experienced senior members of our team, by drafting a Technical Design Document (TDD) to thoroughly assess the problem, evaluate potential solutions, and propose an implementation plan. These guys know what they are doing.

Typically, we go into full technical mode during the research stage to make sure we foresee any potential bottlenecks or limitations on our proposed solution. The ultimate goal is always to make sure we deliver what is needed, when it’s needed. Here is where we ask our clients to trust us, and we need to make sure we don’t disappoint.

This proposal is then reviewed and discussed with the client to establish a clear budget and timeline. We place a strong emphasis on communication and managing client expectations throughout the project. Our senior developer ninjas ensure the technical quality of the project and implement a peer-review process to maintain our high standards even in small projects. To ensure efficient project management, we establish a comprehensive project deliverable plan in the first week, which is regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

Execution & Project Management

This is where we walk the walk, and It’s the height of importance to have a smooth onboarding process and ensure that all stakeholders have a thorough understanding of the TDD and their respective roles in the project. We skillfully kick complexity in the backside and implement our own flavour of Scrum methodology, conducting efficient and productive stand-up meetings, and prioritising clear and frequent communication throughout the development stage to prevent misunderstandings.

We really believe in an active client involvement and engagement, regularly updating them on progress and soliciting feedback to ensure that the final product aligns with their needs and expectations. This is where we show them that their trust has been properly placed, and where we maintain it, sprint by sprint.

To ensure the highest level of quality, we utilize a multi-layered testing and validation process. Starting with the technical validation from our technical team, reviews by the QA team, and eventually the client, we make sure that all the quality boxes are checked before the final product is deployed to production.

Handover & Support

Our work wouldn’t be our work without installing a seamless handover process for our clients. Our technologies are, of course, designed to be easily portable and built inside containers to make the transition smooth and efficient. We recognise that comprehensive documentation is crucial for ensuring a successful handover, and we take pride in our attention to detail and thoroughness in this aspect. We have worked very hard throughout the previous decade to make sure we are not only not weary of handing over our code, we are actually proud of it.

At Cyrex we also provide ongoing support and assistance to our clients, even after the handover process is complete. Our team is more dedicated than Liam Neeson in taken to ensure that the client has a clear understanding of the technologies used and the processes followed, and we are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns that may arise in the future.

The success of our clients is closely tied to the success of our work, and we are very committed to providing them with the highest level of support and service.

So yeah, if you’re strolling around the place with a fantastic idea in your back pocket, let’s tackle it together and get it out into the world. You can contact the chief of the tribe here:

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