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Wrapping up 2023 with Cyrex Enterprise

Discover the highlights of Cyrex Enterprise's remarkable journey in 2023, wrapping up a year of growth, strategic achievements, and technological innovation.


It’s been an overall challenging but great year for us at Cyrex Enterprise. We’ve seen a lot of growth and maturity in the quality of our service offerings, and the results to match our output!


Growth & maturity in 2023

Besides working on 40+ different projects, thus beating all previous records, as leaders in software development this year we had an aim to consolidate our position in that field while improving all supporting elements. As we’re already highly efficient and proficient with development, we wanted to extend that level of quality to more than just our speciality output. As such, this year we really focused on expanding and improving our QA processes and offering, our project management, communication, culture and overall project support. 


With a huge leap of internationalisation for our teams and clients within 2023, all of these are key to maintaining our top level quality, our global team working smoothly, and to better support our growing client base. Not only have we grown in size and strength, we’ve also looked to extend that strength into every aspect of our working day.


Merger with Cyrex

This couldn’t go unmentioned as it was, of course, a huge moment for both our teams. From the initial communications, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Both brands and teams saw in each other an opportunity to grow and be stronger together. A fruitful partnership was envisioned by both sides and that is certainly what was achieved.


From the beginning of the merger, it’s been a satisfying and healthy collaboration. It’s offered us plenty of new opportunities in development as well, such as getting more and more involved in  game development!


New technologies and Cyrex Enterprise

Given the rapid rise of AI and machine learning technology, it’s no doubt that we’d be heavily involved with its growth. We’ve always been looking to work with new and exciting tools, and are glad to be pioneers in the technological landscape. Since its emergence, we’ve been diving into what it can do and where it can be pushed or stretched to fit the project’s needs.


Let’s also not forget about the world of blockchain and Web3, where we keep exploring and investing a lot in these new avenues. Given their uses and growing potential, we’re happy to say that we’re still reaping the benefits of this new world and its opportunities, as it continues to mature.


Cyrex’ Portfolio in 2023

With plenty of work with new and exciting technologies, our Portfolio keeps getting vaster and more mature, as bigger names such as Immutable, Improbable, CHEQROOM, Curve Digital, and more, join our growing portfolio. With added power, comes added responsibility, and that’s why we are now also ISO 27k certified! 

This ties heavily with our involvement with the wider Cyrex team in cybersecurity and digital safety with software development. It’s a proud moment to receive it as it acknowledges our group’s maturity and commitment to digital security, efficient cybersecurity processes, and the safety of our clients.


Concluding 2023

As always, the teams are approaching 2023 with their eyes up and ahead! There’s a positive vibe in the team as we look to what the future holds and what it might bring in the next twelve months.


From evolving tech to new and exciting developments, we can’t wait to see what 2024 will be like!

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