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Space Punks

Space Punks is a vibrant and ever-evolving online co-op action RPG space adventure. Learn how the Cyrex Enterprise team helped secure this incredible title.

Space Punks, the vibrant and ever-evolving online co-op action RPG space adventure, is a captivating creation brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Jagex and Flying Wild Hog. Cyrex was thrilled to dive into this exciting game and conduct a comprehensive series of tests using our Grey Box penetration testing service. In close collaboration with Jagex and Flying Wild Hog, our skilled security engineers were entrusted with the task of performing thorough penetration and load testing on the backend and gameplay services of Space Punks. The primary objective of our testing was to ensure the robustness of server-side security controls and evaluate the performance of both the game and the underlying server infrastructure. To achieve this, we conducted ethical hacking tests on a variety of functionalities, including:


  • Matchmaking system
  • World creation tools
  • Party management systems
  • Creation and registration of player accounts
  • Session management and authentication
  • Physics (meaning player movement and attacking)
  • In-game achievement and rewards


Through our rigorous testing efforts, we successfully unearthed a range of vulnerabilities spanning across multiple services. The developers promptly recognized the critical nature of several high-level vulnerabilities that we brought to their attention, and we worked diligently to secure them. The comprehensive measures we implemented following our testing were instrumental in fortifying the overall security of the game.

Upon the conclusion of our testing phase, the team at Flying Wild Hog expressed their satisfaction with the quality of our services. We take pride in knowing that our efforts contributed to enhancing the game’s security. In order to ensure the integrity of the fixes and updates, we conducted a thorough set of sanity and regression tests. This meticulous approach allowed us to verify the effectiveness of the implemented solutions and guarantee a seamless gaming experience for Space Punks’ enthusiastic players.


“We found out that there are two benefits of cooperating with Cyrex – the quality of their work and the quality of cooperation with the team. Space Punks’ audit was thorough and gave us confidence in the security and scalability of the game. The way the team operates is a showcase of great balance between structure and flexibility.” 

Flying Wild Hog

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