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Raid: Shadow Legends

Fortifying the Kingdom of Raid Shadow Legends with Comprehensive White Box Penetration Testing by Cyrex Enterprise, ensuring Security and Excellence in Gameplay Experience.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends, an engaging free-to-play tactical mobile game centered around party turn-based combat, invites players to assemble a formidable team from a vast roster of over 400 unique champions, each possessing their own distinct appearance, skills, and equipment. With an array of missions and dungeon raids to undertake, players can challenge powerful adversaries and pursue greater treasures. Available on various platforms, including mobile devices, Windows, and Mac, Raid Shadow Legends offers an immersive experience where players can forge their path to glory.

Securing Raid: Shadow Legends

Cyrex thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Plarium and was delighted to be entrusted with the responsibility of conducting full-scale White Box penetration testing on Raid Shadow Legends. Developed on Unreal Engine, we conducted comprehensive testing of the game on both PC and mobile platforms, with a special focus on the live services. During our testing process, we examined numerous core features to ensure their robustness and security. These included:


  • Reward system: We scrutinized the reward system, ensuring fairness, reliability, and protection against potential exploits.
  • In-game shop: We thoroughly tested the in-game shop, ensuring secure transactions and preventing any vulnerabilities that could compromise the player experience.
  • Upgrade system: Our testing encompassed the evaluation of the upgrade system, guaranteeing its integrity and safeguarding against any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Building system: We assessed the building system, ensuring its functionality and security, enabling players to construct and enhance their bases without compromising their progress.
  • Chat functions: We thoroughly examined the chat functions, aiming to ensure secure and seamless communication channels for players.
  • Heroes & Characters: Our testing covered a comprehensive evaluation of the heroes and characters, verifying their balance and ensuring protection against potential exploits.
  • Artifacts: We scrutinized the artifact system, ensuring its integrity and preventing any vulnerabilities that could impact gameplay balance.
  • Daily bonuses: Our testing encompassed the verification of the daily bonuses, ensuring they functioned as intended and were secure.
  • Battle system: We thoroughly evaluated the battle system, guaranteeing fairness, stability, and protection against potential exploits.


The team at Plarium expressed their immense satisfaction with our results. Our comprehensive White Box testing allowed us to delve deep into the source code, uncovering several vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities were promptly addressed and resolved with the highest priority. Thanks to the access provided by the White Box testing, we were able to provide Plarium with a detailed rundown of the code’s weak points and recommend effective measures to address them.


It was an absolute pleasure working with the Plarium team once again, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations.


“Cyrex has proven to be a deeply specialised security firm that is incredibly experienced in the gaming industry. They worked on a wide range of different assets, ranging from multiplayer games to launchers and platforms, and consistently delivered excellent results exceeding industry standards. We’re looking forward to more fruitful collaborations.”


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