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Predecessor by Omeda Studios is a frantic, action-packed game combining the intensity of an over-the-shoulder shooter and the tactical gameplay of a MOBA. We were ecstatic to put it through our Black Box penetration testing.

Predecessor, a thrilling game that seamlessly blends the intensity of an over-the-shoulder shooter with the strategic elements of a MOBA, offers players an action-driven experience like no other. With the ability to assume control of a chosen character and fulfill a specific role within a team, players engage in fast-paced battles alongside four allies, competing for dominance. The game adheres to the standard MOBA roles, allowing players to take up positions as carries, junglers, solo-laners, and supports. Currently available for purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store, Predecessor captivates players with its unique genre fusion.


Cyrex Enterprise’s dedicated team was contracted by Omeda Studios to perform Black Box penetration testing on this innovative title. Built on Unreal Engine 5, utilizing Unreal Engine Networking, and exclusively released for PC, our testing encompassed both the live services and the gameplay itself.


During the testing phase, we meticulously examined numerous core features to ensure their integrity and security. These included:

  • Physics and Shooting: We thoroughly scrutinized the mechanics governing physics and shooting, ensuring that they functioned seamlessly and were devoid of any exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Character management: Our testing encompassed comprehensive analysis of character management systems, verifying their stability and the security of associated data.
  • Rewards system: We evaluated the rewards system, ensuring its reliability and preventing potential exploits that could compromise the integrity of in-game rewards.
  • Chat systems and interactions: Our team thoroughly tested the chat systems and interactions, aiming to safeguard communication channels from any potential security risks.
  • Matchmaking system: We scrutinized the matchmaking system to guarantee its efficiency, fairness, and security, allowing players to enjoy balanced and secure matches.


Our meticulous testing efforts led to the discovery of multiple potential security issues and exploits. We provided Omeda Studios with actionable recommendations on how best to address these vulnerabilities. The team at Omeda Studios expressed their delight with our results, particularly appreciating the real-world approach of our Black Box testing. It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with the talented team at Omeda Studios, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations that push the boundaries of gaming innovation.

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