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NYAN Heroes

NYAN Heroes is a AAA play-and-earn third-person shooter built on the Solana blockchain. Learn how Cyrex tackled scalability and security issues for this awesome title.

NYAN Heroes

NYAN Heroes is an immersive play-to-earn game that transports players into a futuristic world where cats are at the forefront, piloting formidable robotic mechs in exhilarating battle royale matches. With its unique blend of feline attitude and cutting-edge technology, NYAN Heroes offers a gaming experience like no other. Cyrex was thrilled to contribute its expertise to this NFT decentralized application built on the Solana blockchain network. As a leading provider of Web3 security and blockchain development services, Cyrex understands the unique challenges faced by cybersecurity teams in the Web3 play-to-earn landscape. With our extensive experience in both areas, we were well-equipped to deliver exceptional results.


Project Goals for NYAN Heroes


In this project, our goal was to assist and prepare their platform in the pre-sale of the NFTs that will be used in-game on release. We worked on the staking platform and NFT pack drop and associated smart contract infrastructure. We also conducted thorough load testing on the product’s marketplace to guarantee stable and scalable performance, especially during limited release packet drops where traffic may get incredibly heavy.


Cyrex is proud to have contributed our knowledge and expertise to this exciting NFT decentralized project built on the Solana blockchain network. As Web3 security and blockchain development specialists, we recognize the unique security challenges presented by play-to-earn games and are equipped to provide cutting-edge solutions. Our team worked diligently on the staking platform and NFT pack drop, ensuring robust smart contract infrastructure and scalability. We look forward to supporting future projects that drive innovation in the rapidly-evolving world of Web3.

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