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Mech Arena

Unleash the power of Cyrex Enterprise's White Box Penetration Testing in bolstering Mech Arena's mobile mayhem empowerment! Discover how our cutting-edge testing elevates security to new heights.

Mech Arena

Gear up and join the adrenaline-fueled battle in Mech Arena, a thrilling PvP mech shooter that immerses players in a future of explosive, chaotic, and action-packed sporting violence! Engage in fierce combat, competing against other players in a variety of game modes, across more than 20 dynamic maps, and with over a dozen powerful mechs equipped with 30+ unique weapons. Customize your machine, recruit the best pilot, and dominate the arena with your friends or vanquish them in intense competition!


At Cyrex, we were entrusted by Plarium to conduct White Box penetration testing on Mech Arena, a mobile game built on a custom engine. Our comprehensive assessment encompassed both the live and gameplay services, ensuring a thorough evaluation of its security. We focused on scrutinizing various core features of the game, including physics and ranged combat mechanics, the reward system, inventory and slots management, the chat system, weapons functionality, and matchmaking capabilities.

Work carried out on Mech Arena

Working alongside the Plarium team was a pleasure, and their decision to opt for White Box testing enabled us to perform an extensive deep-dive into their code, uncovering potential vulnerabilities and weak points in their security measures. Through our rigorous analysis, we successfully identified multiple active vulnerabilities, prioritizing their immediate resolution. Additionally, we provided the Plarium team with expert guidance on addressing weaker points that could be exploited by hackers, bolstering the overall security of the game.


The collaboration with Plarium allowed us to deliver valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring the protection of Mech Arena’s integrity and enhancing its overall security. Our comprehensive White Box approach enabled us to uncover and rectify vulnerabilities, ultimately fortifying the game against potential threats. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Plarium team and look forward to future collaborations.


“Cyrex has proven to be a deeply specialised security firm that is incredibly experienced in the gaming industry. They worked on a wide range of different assets, ranging from multiplayer games to launchers and platforms, and consistently delivered excellent results exceeding industry standards. We’re looking forward to more fruitful collaborations.”

Plarium Team

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