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Avalanche Studios Group Live Services

Discover how Cyrex's Penetration Testing services fortified Avalanche's Live Services, elevating their security posture and ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

Cyrex and Avalanche Studios Group have established a robust and highly productive partnership, combining forces to elevate the security of Avalanche’s global portfolio of projects. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Avalanche is a renowned video game developer and publisher, celebrated for their exceptional titles such as the explosive “Just Cause” series, the exhilarating “Rage 2,” and the immersive “Call of the Wild: The Angler.” Collaborating with Avalanche, Cyrex’s team delivered industry-leading load testing services for the latter title, cementing their position as a trusted partner.


Essential Service Required by Avalanche Studios Group: Elevating Excellence


Building on the success of this partnership, Cyrex security experts were entrusted with conducting Penetration Testing on Avalanche Studios Group’s Live Services. Powered by their proprietary ‘Apex engine,’ which is utilized across multiple games in their extensive portfolio, these Live Services serve as the backbone of Avalanche’s online experiences. Through rigorous testing, Cyrex’s aim was to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities, safeguarding the company’s reputation and revenue.


During the Penetration Testing phase, Cyrex’s team strategically focused on critical areas that could be susceptible to malicious activities within Avalanche’s ecosystem. These included Registration & Authentication systems, News management, Profanity filters, User & account management, Friend & Clan systems, Inventory management, Matchmaking, and Twitch integration. By subjecting these essential components to simulated cyberattacks, Cyrex comprehensive penetration tests provided Avalanche Studios Group with a thorough assessment of their security posture.




By collaborating closely with Avalanche, Cyrex empowered the Avalanche Studios Group to proactively address any potential security weaknesses uncovered during the Penetration Testing phase. This collaborative approach elevated the company’s overall security posture, enabling them to fortify their Live Services and ensure a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience for their players.


Our emphasis on critical areas central to the stability and security of Avalanche’s Live Services demonstrates their commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored security solutions. With our support, Avalanche Studios Group gained valuable insights, allowing them to take proactive measures to strengthen their security framework.


The partnership between Cyrex and Avalanche Studios Group stands as a testament to their shared dedication to advancing the gaming industry’s security standards. Together, they continue to push the boundaries, ensuring that players can immerse themselves in thrilling gaming experiences with confidence, knowing their safety and enjoyment are paramount.


“Cyrex has quickly become an important partner to Avalanche Studios Group. Most recently, they’ve supported our efforts to scale up the multiplayer capabilities of our Apex engine, which greatly benefits several of our live service games. The Cyrex team delivers quality, flexibility, and are a pleasure to work with.”

Avalanche Studios Group

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