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Explore our three-step penetration testing approach that identified vulnerabilities and provided actionable recommendations, contributing to Bingli's robust security strategy.

Strengthening Bingli’s Security Posture through Penetration Testing by Cyrex

In the intricate landscape of healthcare technology, where artificial intelligence converges with patient care, Bingli, a leading Belgian healthcare solution, emerges as a vital player. However, with the increasing reliance on technology comes the critical need for cybersecurity. Recognizing the sensitivity of patient and doctor data, Bingli sought the expertise of Cyrex, a specialist in cybersecurity and development, to fortify its security posture through meticulous penetration testing.

Why Security was Paramount for Bingli

In the healthcare sector, the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data are non-negotiable. Bingli, dealing with intricate medical information, understood the imperative of maintaining a robust security posture. Beyond safeguarding patient privacy, this commitment aimed at upholding regulatory compliance and fostering trust with healthcare providers and patients. Recognizing the escalating risks associated with cybersecurity threats, Bingli proactively sought to enhance its security measures.

Cyrex’s Approach to Penetration Testing

Cyrex, with its expertise in cybersecurity, conducted a thorough penetration testing engagement on Bingli’s medical assessment platform. The primary objectives were to identify vulnerabilities, assess the resilience of the security controls, and provide actionable recommendations to fortify the overall security posture.


Cyrex 3-Step Penetration Testing Approach for Bingli

1. Passive Phase – Reconnaissance:

In the initial phase, Cyrex’s expert teams engage in comprehensive reconnaissance to understand the intricacies of Bingli’s medical assessment platform. This involves a meticulous examination of the target system, its architecture, programming languages in use, and functionalities. The goal is to define the scope of the project and gain a deep understanding of the application, setting the foundation for subsequent testing phases.


2. Active Phase – Target Penetration:

The active phase is where the real exploration begins. Building on the insights gained during the reconnaissance, Cyrex conducts a full, manual penetration test on the target system. This involves a deep dive into the application, simulating real-world cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential entry points. This phase is not only a critical step but can also account for up to 80% of the entire penetration testing cycle, demonstrating the depth and thoroughness of Cyrex’s approach.


3. Reporting – Debrief & Next Steps:

Upon completing the full testing cycle, Cyrex provides extensive and no-holds-barred reports outlining all discovered system vulnerabilities. From minor insertion points to major security issues, every aspect is meticulously documented. The reports not only identify the issues but also provide creative best practice solutions tailored to work seamlessly with Bingli’s workflows and processes. Cyrex’s commitment to clarity extends to outlining the potential risks associated with each identified vulnerability, offering insights into how a malicious agent could exploit them.

Project Success and Testimony

The penetration testing engagement conducted by Cyrex proved instrumental in fortifying Bingli’s overall security strategy. The Cyrex team not only identified vulnerabilities but provided clear and actionable recommendations. The project’s success is underscored by the positive testimony from the Bingli team:


“Cyrex played a crucial role in bolstering our cybersecurity through their pen testing services. Their team not only identified vulnerabilities in our system but also provided clear and actionable recommendations to enhance our security posture. While there’s always room for enhancement, we appreciate Cyrex’s dedication to delivering a service that significantly contributed to our overall security strategy.”


This collaborative effort showcases Cyrex’s commitment to delivering high-quality cybersecurity services, ensuring that Bingli’s medical assessment platform remains resilient against potential threats and continues to provide secure healthcare solutions for patients and healthcare providers alike.

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