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Meet the Team: Doğukan Akkaya

This month we catch up with Doğukan, a talented Full Stack Developer at Cloudoki who specialises in frontend and backend development, blockchain, databases, CI/CD, and more.

Meet Doğukan, a talented Full Stack Developer at Cloudoki who specialises in frontend and backend development, blockchain, databases, CI/CD, and more. With over four years of experience working on various projects and features, he challenges himself to learn new tools and technologies every day becoming a software developing force to be reckoned with.

Doğukan’s coding journey started during high school when he was introduced to C#. He quickly realised that he had a skill at learning to code quickly when those around him could not catch up. He cracked his code, to learn new things, which became the fuel to his engine and through this, he believes learning should be an essential part of our daily routine.

When asked to choose a favourite project, Doğukan explained that working on a plethora of diverse projects makes it challenging to pick just one. He does state that working with Cloudoki is where his favourite projects are because the work environment allows him to tackle various projects without getting stuck on a single project or product. This fully aligns with him as a person allowing him to continue his daily learning. With his passion for learning and the environment set, Doğukan’s skills exponentially grow as “For example, till now, I’ve developed CRMs, CMSs, Mobile Apps and their APIs, Web-based ThreeJS games and even some personal projects written in Rust, Blockchain-based apps, libraries, and more.”

Doğukan mentioned that his main interests right now are Javascript/Typescript, Rust, and Blockchain/Solidity. While he has experience with both popular and unpopular frameworks, libraries, and tools, he doesn’t believe in declaring any one of them as the “best”. “Preference should only depend on the project and that what’s popular today might not be popular tomorrow.”

For example, he mentioned that “React is popular and it’s easy to find answers for it, but it’s slower than Svelte or Solid and can be useless for small projects that don’t need a big Virtual DOM. Similarly, Node and Deno are similar in some ways, but some tools are just better in all ways, like Vite compared to Webpack, or maybe someday Turbopack compared to both Vite and Webpack.”

When it comes to why he prefers Javascript over other programming languages, he explained that it’s growing really quickly, he enjoys writing it and can develop just about anything with it. He also mentioned that there are plenty of resources available for it. However, he’s quick to point out that Javascript is just a tool, and if a better successor comes along, he’s more than happy to switch.

As for Rust, he loves writing it and thinks it’s great for developing low-level applications compared to languages like C++. He states, “Rust’s memory management system is fantastic, as it forces you to write memory-safe code. While it can be frustratingly strict at first. Once you get used to it, you won’t go back to C++.”

In order to be a successful software developer, it requires just as much skill to problem solve as it is to code. Researching and collaborating with colleagues as well as utilising AI tools can help speed up the work. He believes that being passionate about learning new things is crucial in his field and that being addicted to a programming language/tool/library is not the best of methods. “If you think there’s something better for your project, give it a try and learn from it. Overthinking and overengineering something can lead to complications, so it’s better to have easy solutions.” He’s also aware of the importance of upskilling soft skills like communication, and knowing there is always an opportunity to learn from everyone.

In his free time, Doğukan loves playing RPG games like his favourite, Assassin’s Creed. He enjoys reading books and watching fictional universes like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, A World of Ice and Fire, etc. and likes to collect figures such as Lightsabers which has been a relatively new hobby he started a few months ago.

Doğukan’s passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, combined with his experience in the field, makes him an exceptional Full Stack Developer with a path of uncapped potential. We certainly are excited to see what he will achieve in the future!

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